Ahad, 22 Mei 2011

Awie & Wani Prewedd video

Aziz & Azimah prewedd video clip

Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

Serunai Singer May 7th & 8th 2010

Hy guys. Finally im done with video editing and already submit my work to Garry Thin/Musical Director of the Serunai Singer. And Thanks to Garry and Serunai Singers for giving me the opportunity and chance to shoot the Serunai Singers Concert held at RBA Royal Brunei Recreation Club.

It was a wonderful concert with stories behind every song and i keep on listening the track recorded. I was inspired by this group of choir and musician, entertaining the audience with the harmony and melody in singing and music. Im looking forward to attend another Serunai Singer performance in the future and always keep in touch. I'll let u guys know if there's any update about Serunai Singers.
And also thanks to my buddy Rockybee ( insomniatic indie video ) for helping me operate the camcorder from the other angle/shot of the video. 'Thanks bro ah' hehe

Below is one of my favourite song during the show, the song called Hine e Hine. Well i start to wonder what is the story behind the "Hine e Hine" song. here is what i found at google n Wiki
--->1)"Hine E Hine" is a Māori lullaby written by Princess Te Rangi Pai (born Fanny Rose Porter) (1868-1916), consoled her when her health, career and family life collapsed.

Hine e Hine by Serunai Singers from Indietech Video on Vimeo.


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