Khamis, 1 April 2010

Nurieka Yenna & Hardi Jahar Wedding 28th & 29th March

Hy Hy everyone, and families, friends.. this is a wedding highlights of Nurieka Yenna Binti Haji Abdullah and Hardi Bin Jahar.I've uploaded few clips and features from the dvd contain.

Nurieka Yenna and Hardi Jahari Wedding Highlights from Aziman Awang on Vimeo.

To any couple yang kan kahwin or plan kn kawin atu bleh lah liat the cover sample and clips yang ada ne. actually yang dalam dvd lagi full and almost 30 minutes satu majlis..So "Berbedak" "Nikah" & "Bersanding" makes it a 1 hr 30 minutes DVD video..

Menu >Play All
> Scene selection/DVD chapters
> Video Clips ( Clip lagu )
> Photo Slideshow
> Extra feature ( Shop Advertisement / entertainment )

Im still working on a brochure/package for the wedding videography. Will upload soon when im done with it. Thanks for watching.

Noratika & Abd Latif Bahmin wedding highlights

Hy and finally some wedding footage.. alhamdulillah thanks to Bro Julai a.k.a Haji Julaihi Bin Haji Junaidi and His wife Noraini Binti Nordin for giving me the chance to shoot their sister/noratika wedding events..

and below is the wedding highlights for the whole wedding events....and to the family enjoy the video.


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